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Was up in Southern Maine staying for a few days in my brother-in-laws RV. Headed out for a 5:30 AM trip this morning to do some exploring. Finally after checking out a few spots, selected the one that looked the fishiest and parked. Headed out and started chucking a my fly, covering a bunch of water with not even a bird hovering or any bait. All of a sudden, about 20 minutes into the incoming tide, I looked down at my feet and I was surrounded by fish dashing everywhere - not sure at this point what they were. All ranged from 14" - 17", but not until I hooked up did I realize it was Pollack. My blood started pumping, because I figured if there are Pollack this big,there had to be some Stripers aware they were in shallow.

Well for 15 minutes, it was just about a Pollack on every other cast - and you guessed it - no Stripers in the mix. I tell you, a 17" Pollack puts up a decent pull on a fly rod. Well, finally called it quits after catching 30+ of these things. Had to head back and pack things up at camp, but I'm sure some hogs had to run into that school eventually.

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!!!!!!!1

What's every one doing the next couple days? I been without a computer for three days, and I haven't even had a chance to catch up on the posts. I'm looking to do something tomorrow morning or Friday morning - post a reply if any one has any plans.

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