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Stripers were everywhere last night, rolling like trout on emergers. Selective like trout too. In the midst of this frenzy, the only fly that would do was a tiny eel pattern. I suspect that an unweighted version would have been even better.
It was so exciting. I was wraping the line around my head as fish were litteraly breaking at my feet.
And I was bummed all afternoon that I couldn't go to the Merimack.
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Talked to a friend of mine, that's not much of a fisherman who was up launching a boat in Great Bay. He described the breaking fish the same way - indicating that they seemed to be taking things close to the surface. He said they were "acting like trout" - and him and his buddy kind of ruled out stripers based on the behavior.

Anyone have any thougts about what they could be taking?

Good time to drift a shrimp pattern.... no retrieve, dead drift with maybe a twitch
Bob, what might such a shrimp pattern look like?

I'm sure that they were feeding on little fish. They are about 1"-2" and transparent. Baby eels? Baby Herring?Silver sides? The water is thick with them. I went out again tonight and caught as many mackeral as I wanted on a little white bait fish pattern(smaller than what I was using yesterday) but didn't see any stripers. Maybe I should have cast a big mackeral pattern.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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