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Personal Goals for 2001 Season

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What would you like to do this year that you didn't last (or ever)?

For me: Catch a tunoid!

Remembered a couple of others:

- Host a Family Clave (see Quint Trout section)
- Go for blue shark (charter)
- Go at least once in the fall to North Shore.

I'm pretty sure I can do all these!


- Go to an overnight Clave
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A good thread!

Last year my goals were a keeper striper on the fly as well as a tunoid. I achieved them both (the striper one many times over - what a difference a season and a group of mentors makes) and what a great feeling that is/was. I think this year I will get a bit more lofty.

A 40" plus striper
A bonito
Shark on a fly (contingent on a boat purchase)
My goals...

To TOP the Rip Trip with another undiscovered first! That's pretty tough considering there are few postage stamp places on the northeast coast left undisturbed. I'll have to make that a world-wide goal.
As a newbie to the salt... to get into one striper (at least)while fishing with you guys at the end of May.
Cast to and catch a sighted striper on Monomoy.
Cast to and catch a sighted striper at that magical time as observed the last two years on a Bay side flat (end of June, about a 6:00am low- zero hour about 8:30 to 9:30am).
My goal is to fish barbless 100% of the time and to always carry pliars - no exceptions this year. Last year, I bought a fly at surfland and did not crunch the barb - I left my pliars at home. I had some difficulty unhooking a large bass with my frozen hands. Never again!
Hey Juro,
There are places off the north shore that are at least underutilized as potential monster territory, on the fly at least. Baker Island and it's environs comes to mind. I realize it's tough to get the Cape-centric to look elswhere. But remember last oct? Striper fishing totally gone from the Cape when pow! Magnolia explodes!

Fishing goals:
-- Three words: Bo Nee Toe
-- Explore the stretch of coastline from Marion to Swansea
-- See a striper on the flats of Monomoy
-- Catch a striper on the flats of Momomoy
-- Fish more top water
-- Bonito on top water
-- Ingratiate myself to Steve Moore (and then steal his mojo)
-- Out fish Jen (that's going to be the tough one...)

Board goals:
-- Less talk, more fishing (and/or fishing content)
-- migrate the clave sign up tools to a privately funded application server and program out the need for an information meister
-- squash pissing matches before they start
-- get Juro to add a clave page to the top level menu items (not just the promise to do so ;)
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Terry -

Yes, I think the north shore may be the ticket to discovery this year... we talked about certain estuaries between Nahant and New Hampshire last year, and now with more boats in the picture... good clams too.
to catch an albie, and a spanish mac. A yak clave!!! Tom D

-Catch some nice Trout
-A striper keeper (landed this time or "grassed" as they say in Ireland)
-Stomp some crickets at night with AL and Grego (lord knows I tried night fishing last season, need those 2 as guides)
-Catch some Largemouth/Smallmouth on my new Sage DS-2
-Be whipped and stay home more (sha... right)

My Goals:
1. Fish MORE!
2. Explore MORE!
2. Catch a bonito
3. Catch a striper on the flats at monomoy.
4. Fish at night enough to get comfortable with it.
5. Become a better photographer
6. Keep a good journal(not just for the first week this time:) )

I'm very pleased that last year I achieved more than 50% of my goals. I expanded my fishing territory by about 3X. I started tying flies. I got more confidence in Boat Handling & boat fishing. I put other people onto fish from my boat. I Broke the 40" striper barrier & caught my first keeper on a fly I tied in one fell swoop. I Caught my first exotic (but technically not a tunoid). I expanded the circle of people that I fish with. I started to learn the N. Shore. I Bait fished zero times & fly fished about 70%.

For 2001:
Learn more about the N. Shore & establish a network fishing that area.
Tunoid on the Fly!
Learn something about FWFF (maybe catch a Pike on the fly)
Further Expand my fishing territory & circle of people that I fish with.
Fish Smarter Not Harder!!
Improve my casting ability.
Improve my Tying ability.
Get Juro out on my boat!

As far as new territories go, I think we (or at least I) under-fished CC-Bay this past season. I think The Bay is Due & I want to fish that side more next season.
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~ catch a keeper striper(what do you mean backing isn't just ballast?)

~ learn to tie flys and catch a fish with one

~ improve my casting(dumbell eyes sting like the dickens) :)

~ claves, Claves, CLAVES!!

It looks like big brother beat me to the punch as usual.

I may be abandoning the East Coast and taking a 2 year hiatus in Michigan after the 2001 season (anyone at the tying clave will meet the woman that deservingly motivated that decision). So, 2001 is going to be a year of continual fishing for me. I need to make the season my best yet. Here are my goals and I vow to meet every last one of them.

-A Nantucket sleigh ride in my kayak
-An afternoon in the kayak amongst the snapper blues that frequent the
Falmouth Heights area (seems like good fun).
-A 36" striper on the fly
-I would like to see my brother catch his first keeper on the fly
-I would like my girlfriend to witness and partake in a blitz
-Sighting and catching a Monomoy striper without the help of a guide
-Explore the North River as well as the estuaries near Portsmouth, NH
-Explore Rhode Island (motivated by Alan Caolo's talk at the Marlboro show)
-Spend some time fishing the rips near Popham Beach (3rd week in June). This
is a great spot and there is a decent campground on a nearby island.
-Either a bonito or an albie on the fly
-Catch a striper on a crab fly
-Partake in some night fishing in the surf of the Cape
-And I really do hope to finally join some of you on a number of claves

I really do value this board and respect all of the anglers that post here. I met some more of you at the show last weekend and I am continually impressed with the character of all of the board members that I have met.

See you this weekend.

-Mike Doogue
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Michigan, Shmichigan, you're not going anywhere.

You couldn't leave the ocean for 2 months let alone 2 years.
Make sure I tell my wife that I love her everyday and that I am blessed with her understanding of my passion, then;
1- Minimum 90 days on the home waters
2- Get one of the "Clavers" to partake in drift on the Bow, the Elk and the Crow, maybe a few Pikers along the way
3- Prepare a slide show for my trip to the Cape in September
4- 3 Pike in the 20+ pound class,
5- Buy a boat for the larger lakes I fish (March 2001)
6- Invent 2 new trout patterns and prove them
7- 2 Steelhead trips to the Mecca of steelies (NW BC), one with Juro
8- One Month for stripers and other SW critters! (Sept.2001)
9- Turkey hunt in the spring, Phaesants in October, Deer in November
10- Hope I survive my 2001 goals
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making a clave would be nice.

while I'm at it,
--Mako on a fly
--blue or yellow fin on a fly
--ANY slamonoid type freshwater fish to take me DEEp into my backing.
--oh, and I'd like to catch a weakfish too.

Aiming high!
My goals for 2001 are:

Not telling my wife anything incredibly stupid, that leads her to think fishing is #1 and she is #2.
More fishing and less work on the house than in 2000.
Buying a canoe.
Helping my son catch a fish on a fly.
This one may sound a little different but, figuring out where & how to catch carp on the fly.
And finally, making it to one of the claves.
My top 10 goals for 2001:

With all do respect for Mrs. Doogue-to-be

1. to convince doogue there fact...NO STRIPERS IN MICHIGAN.
2. to convince doogue there fact...NO STRIPERS IN MICHIGAN.
3. to convince doogue there fact...NO STRIPERS IN MICHIGAN.
4. to convince doogue there fact...MANY big STRIPERS IN MASSACHUSETTES.
5. to convince doogue there fact...NO STRIPERS IN MICHIGAN.
6. to convince doogue there fact...NO STRIPERS IN MICHIGAN.
7. to convince doogue there fact...NO STRIPERS IN MICHIGAN.
8. to convince doogue there fact...NO STRIPERS IN MICHIGAN.
9. to convince doogue there fact...NO STRIPERS IN MICHIGAN.
10. to convince doogue there fact...NO STRIPERS IN MICHIGAN.
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