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Peak greaselining weekend...

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Now I might not be logging the kind of river hours I once did, but I am not so far gone that I don't know that it's a peak weekend for steelhead FF'ers in the pacific northwest! Taste of rain, cool nights, low water, perhaps - but plenty of fish in the pools for the early birds and dusk patrols. Salmon pushing things around in the holding pools, moving steelies into nicer lies to fish, and making them grabby.

I sure hope people are getting lines wet this weekend!
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With a bit of luck I'll be sliding my waders on by 530 pm PDT. Checked out one chunk of water on my lunch hour (Modoc Ponds aka Denmon Bar) on the Rogue and watched three nice fish slide out of the water in 30 minutes. This was at 3pm this afternoon.

Waders go back on at 630 am tomorrow and Sunday; thank God my wife understands that 'a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do.'
2 beached; the third popped 8# max leader; suspect it was a Fall Chnk. Would the JoanMeister think me strange if I slept with a rod rigged and ready on the bed?

Probably, then again, she thinks I'm several bricks short of a full wall anyway.

It was o-dark thirty as I left the homestead heading North. My rod rigged the night before held a small experimental tye that has done me well this summer and fall. I arrive to my destination noting the area where on a previous trip Juro took a balistic hen was free. It however is not my first selection. I arrived to find the water free and entered with great anticipation. 30 minutes later nothing but, two spoon throws low holed me which is one thing but one waded out into the prime holding water. I dropped into another section a short distance below only to miss a grab. 10 minutes later I was fast into a steelhead which came to about 8lb, I quickly dispatcted the hatchery fish (in my personal effort the clean the gene pool). Later I released another small and was home before noon.
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A weekend of no opportunities in Seattle. Anticipated this weekend as an opportunity to go chase some fall steel but Wednesday's 600 cfs flow in the Skykomish changed to Saturday's 9,500 cfs level. While it dropped nicely all Saturday, Sunday morning saw it bump back above 7,000 and saw me crawling back into the sack instead of my waders. Next stop the Snake!
Sometimes .... "damns" can be good. The Lost Creek dam controls the upper Rogue flow (as if we've had any rain anyway) but water running at 800 cfs like a clock, clear, zip run off and know your water and you're in good shape.

4 beached Sat. am before 10am plus another two 'long range released.' Couple of young fellows watched the proceedings so gave them some of the "unknown flies of merit" ... I know, I know, give me a break. Big, black and buggy.

Anyway they each hooked two so I suspect that a small (but tastefull) stone monument to me will be built at Denmon Bar.

Quickie tonight for two additional fish.

Now, all fishermen/women are invited to visit southern Oregon and I'll even supply the "rock" to stand on. Another outstanding year so far.
WOW Fred, the Rogue sounds HOT! Maybe I need to negotiate another trip out west... could cost me bigtime but would it ever be worth it! ;-)
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