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Patriot's Day Stripers

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Well, tommorrow's weather is looking good and I have the day off from work. I was thinking about heading out for a little while to test out my new rod. Anyone have any suggestions for the Boston Harbor/North Shore area? I'll even settle for some shad if they are around. Thanks for the tips!
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They are catching in Rhody. Second and first beach
Seem to be a little late getting into the Bay state this year, the harbor and north shore would be a stretch if you ask me. Early MA showings are usually Buzzards Bay and estuaries to the west; Falmouth ponds and Nantucket Sound river mouths (Parkers, Bass, Herring, etc) with the bayside close behind with the fish pouring thru the canal many of which take the right turn onto the flats to set up thick thru May.

I logged an April 10th with bright fish everywhere at the Yarmouth side of the Bass River all the way to the Parkers several years ago. They were there one day and gone the next though.

I am not up on the shad situation although I have caught a bunch of them while striper fishing in the Merrimac (May/June) and down in Rhody.

Good luck!
Hi Nick,

No stripers up here yet. First Merrimack striper last year was 5/13. They showed up on the PI beachfront about a week earlier. The Merrimack shad run should start this coming week but the bulk of the shad won't show up until the end of April/early May. 50° water temps will bring in the majority of the spawners. The place to go is Rocks Village in W. Newbury. The fish counts for the Merrimack had been averaging about 15000/yr until 97 when they skyrocketed and are over 50,000/yr now. Last year we were catching them most of the summer mixed in with stripers at the mouth. They're a fun fish to catch and they are real leapers.

Great report Norm! Just wondering if there has been any reason attributed to their increase?
Nothing definite on that Juro but there have been several Merrimack watershed programs initiated in the 90's including water quality monitoring and designated protection of specific sections of the river. Maybe they're showing some effects.

Thanks for the input. Opted to spend my time down at the sale at Baymen. Capt. Dave has TONS of material in good colors left. Walked out with way too much stuff, but I should be ready to tie most anything now. I stopped down by Duxbury Beach and tossed the line for a while to try out my new rod. I really liked it. Never been there before but it looks really fishy and especially nice on the inside from a kayak.
Nick, I walked out with too muck as well. what kind of yak did you get?
Tom D
I bought a Ocean Kayak Frenzy last summer. I love it, but it my not be suited to all. I chose it because it is a good all around kayak (I surf in it as well, tons of fun!) Full review is in the Gear section. Any questions feel free to ask.
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