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Part 2. Southeast Cape, Report, Article, Pictures, Blues, Stripers, Flats, Beachs, Marsh and girls i

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Part 2. Southeast Cape, Report, Article, Pictures, Blues, Stripers, Flats, Beachs, Marsh and girls i

May 6 -
Took the 7 students who finished the Orvis 2 ½ day fly fishing school out fishing to put their newly learned skills to the test in 20-25 knot winds out of the N.E. Would they pass? They did with honors and "SPANKED'm" but good!" Stripers galore feeding on the surface and sub. Multiple hook-ups were the norm for the first hour. All in the 20-29 inch range, fresh, covered in lice. 9-foot leaders tapered to 15-lb. test w/ big white Clousers did the trick. Did not see any squid but would guess that was what they were feeding on. Lots of schools of sand lances on the edges and on flat. One of the students landed 15 with the biggest measuring 29-inch's. The following 2 hours were one here and there if you were in the right structure that was most effected by this part of the tide. Some were holding over the shallow eelgrass where the water was warmer, while others were holding off the point, off the drop off feeding on the bait as it was funneled around it.

Normally when ever you have a point of structure that goes out into the water combined with moving water (current) you will have a concentrated or compressed water flow over and around this point. Sometimes this equation will create a rip. Fish tend to key in on this type of structure to feed as the bait is swept into this area and can be at a disadvantage due to this increased current speed. This structure can be in any type of habitat, (flats, beaches, marsh, and bays) and can be made up of sand, mud or rocks (jetty). These are normally some of the easiest areas to catch fish. Fish relate to structure as we and every other species does. If not, we all die. When we want to go out to eat, we do not go to a clothing store; we go to a restaurant. These fish are no different. There is a lot of empty ocean out there. So study there habitat and find their restaurants and give'm dessert with a cherry on top!

Having an intimate understanding of the relationship between structure and currents in the habitat that you are fishing will help give you the predator instinct. Look for the best place to ambush, find their weaknesses and exploit it. Only through the study of all aspects of your prey's environment, habits
will you become a proficient hunter and be able to take full advantage of natures banquet table.

May 9-
Had and saw about the same results with this new batch of students. We had a celebrity in this school. It was Linda Greenlaw who wrote the best seller " The Hungry Ocean". She is one of the top swordfish Capt.'s in the country and was also out in the same storm that took the lives of her fellow fisherman. (The Perfect Storm)
She landed her first fish on a fly rod after several missed hits. Her first hit was followed by a look of surprise and her action was one of "what do I do next?" The second fish she missed was followed by a word I can not print here. With the third hit; strip strike and bent rod it all came together with her first fly rod fish landed! All students graduated the Orvis school with diplomas and lasting memories.

Additional highlights of my kick-off report can be viewed at "Fishing Reports" (High speed connection a plus)

1. Heather wore something very special for all of you when we went fishing at the bass river jetties. She wants to welcome you all to my Spring kick-off report. Take a peek, you won't be disappointed!

2. "Fly of the year" with tying instructions for those sand lance eating machines.

3. World famous photographer John Halnon has out done himself with an incredible slide show with sound covering the waters surrounding Chatham. Flats, Open Ocean and Monomoy Island are yours for the viewing on your computer.

As in past years, I hope you will find my " Daily virtual fishing reports with pictures" entertainingly informative and mildly educational. (Starting soon on my site)

Best Fish's,

Randy Jones
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Randy -

When does the YankeeAngler swimsuit edition come out? :eek:

(Welcome back)
Hi Juro,

Its good to be back! I figured she would get your attention! Ill send you a private email that you can share with the members (privately) who are fishing this weekend on the above location. I dont want to name this spot on the internet and then have 20 strangers show up. If they are a part of your group then its OK.

I may be out there this weekend as Im going to try to take the next week off to just fish and scout around.


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