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Part 1. Southeast Cape, Report, Article, Pictures, Blues, Stripers, Flats, beachs, Marsh

It's the perfect time to be throwing large Herring flies on the high tide. Look for spawned out Herring to be leaving their freshwater spawning grounds and re-entering the saltwater marshes, estuaries and tidal rivers. The larger Bass will be keying in on this return.

Presently there are a good number of squid around that are spawning close to shore. Noticed 2 that were over a foot long. We have been doing very well on all white deceivers, clousers and squid imitations.

Mackerel, Tinker:
Have noticed a fair number of these fish in 5 inch's to 2 feet in length.

Sand Lances:
I'm also noticing a fair number of these bait fish around. A thin profile fly would imitate their profile in 3-6 inch length.

With the presence of bluefish in the Cotuit area look for them to be arriving in our area any day. Normally they arrive 3 days after they are spotted in Cotuit. With good numbers of squid, mackerel, herring and some schoolies around I would be throwing any large-wide profile flies and bright top water poppers, gurglers. I rarely catch any Blues when throwing thin, medium profile flies. Stick with the big stuff to increase your odds of hooking up. They do not eat a lot of the smaller bait when they are keying in on the bigger stuff and have much of this food easily available to them. This just in - some Blues have been reported in our area by some of my friends who run flats boats..

I have found a wire that is better than American Fishing Wire Co. that I endorsed last year. This year I've found a better, thinner and less visible wire from Malin BOA No-Kink Titanium 1-800-967-9697 Its strength is equal to all others but best of all their 15 lb. test is as thin as a strand of hair. This should increase the odds of hooking Stripers who are known to have incredible eyesight and not easily caught when using wire.

Late May: Sight fishing on some of the early, warm water flats will produce big results with hardly anyone around. Presently flats are too cold to be holding fish. Normally the last week in May to the second week in June is when you will start to see them. It's all water temperature related.

Marsh and tidal rivers:
Have recently noticed an increase of fish moving east along the south shore of the Cape and moving into all tidal rivers and Marshes. Also an increase in size. We call these the " Salad Days."
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