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In the scope of things, that encounter I enjoyed with a bright Skagit fish now means even more than it did that day. At first it was a much-wanted photo op. I savored the thought as it's nickel bright flanks flashed in the pool. Then as I continued to hang on as it ran around the pool, I felt a deep feeling of continuity in that I have yet to return to the PNW without at least hooking a steelhead. On some fall trips I landed several. Then, like the notion of plentiful native runs, it was gone; an indellible icon of the mystery and defiance of the species in my memory forever.

Although I am honored to have had the encounter under such circumstances, it would be much better to have been skunked when the runs are in good health.

So -

Who is monitoring the returns? What means of measurement do they use (redd counts, etc?) Any information on-line?
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