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Well, Tyler and I decided to give the Sauk and Skagit a full day of effort to see if the runs were beginning to show as rumors had suggested.

We fished the Sauk below the Suiattle bridge, the Chapel Run, and the Mixer. Tyler had a fish grab in the Sauk and I had something nipping at my black GP out in the main current in the tailout of the same pool, but that was it. The depressing news is that, even though there are a few more fish in the systems, this year was a real bust for the spring natives. Guys will tell you, "Yeah, I caught a fish . . . last month".

One regular at Howard Miller was happy that he got one For The Season! The way it's going, that seems to be the criteria for success. That's scary to me - good years anglers average a fish every couple days and at least a hookup very day when water conditions are good.

Most of the people I know that have spent serious time on the water have averaged 5 fish "on" and caught 1 or 2 for the season. As Sinktip mentioned, this is tough fishing. I can only hope that the rest of the natives show up in May and spawn unmolested. I'm really past caring if I get a chance to swing a fly over them now - I just want them to spawn!

A few more seasons like this one and we might be looking at an Endangered Species listing for our favorite Spring gamefish.

Hey Luis - how much is a ticket to South America???
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