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For those of us who live in the northeast:

The bright side is - now that we're in January, we're done with counting down the days of an enroaching winter and on to counting up the days till spring. A mere 90 days to go until we can be running around like lumatics with flyrods on the beach again.

This months we have UFT - first thursday, Fri 19,20,21 - the Marlboro flyfishing show; and the 27th - Sully's tying clave. Don't rule out a possible casting clave (TBD) in January as well.

After that we have our fly swap (Feb); two UFT meetings - first Thursdays of each month; then the Wilmington Flyfishing Show before spring will have sprung. That's a lot of time to tie flies.

It sure is nice being able to keep in touch and keep important topics about flyfishing stoked throughout the winter months. I know this time of year can be prone to the sHaCk nAstiEs so let's all try to practice our best nettiquette toward fellow members throughout the home stretch.

Next year - I hope to make it down to the Bahamas in the heart of the winter...
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