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Orvis DXR

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I am thinking about purchasing the Orvis DXR 9/10. Has anyone used this series of Orvis reels before? Any feedback would be most appreciated.

PS - Today is the last day of February!
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I have never owned one, but I have used a DXR a few times. Nice reel, seemed pretty tough and had a smooth drag. The drag is a combo of cork, metal and idea how it holds up over time but the Orvis warranty is pretty good.

I think they are about the same price as a Reddington or Teton now, for comparative shopping purposes. Don't think you can go wrong with any of them.
I've got the DXR anti reverse in a 9/10. I love it (no smashed thumbs). The drag adjustment does have a problem with stripping the threads if you are not careful. Orvis replaced mine for free. As far as I know, the direct drive does not have this problem, and is an excellent reel.
I have fished with an Orvis DXR for the past 3 years. It is an excellent reel with a finish that is hard to match. The first season I had it I lost it overboard in Plymouth attached to a Loomis IMX 9wt. I found it the next morning due to some new moon minus tides and a bit of luck. The finish is still perfect and I do not wash it off consistently after I use it. I have caught quite a few albies on it and the drag works very smooth. The problem with the drag adjustment knob was fixed a long time ago. Orvis re-engineered the part and there aren't problems now. An excellent product but more expensive than some other reels with similar features but it is a finely made reel with uncomparable corrosion resistance..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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