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OP Wild Steelhead - Kudos to the WSC

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Nice article in the Seattle PI concerning the OP steelhead, the increased pressure on the rivers as a result of the Puget Sound closures, and a pitch for the WSC and Statewide Wild Steelhead release.

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Plus you have to give kudos to the great picture depecting the proper manner in which to catch and release a wild steelhead. j/k ofcourse.
Yeah, well . . . i tried to overlook that <g>

That might be a cool shot with a hatchery brat - a bit of the Primal Barbarian and all - but I agree it's just plain stupid with a wild fish.

Keep that rain coming!

ok figure this quote out..

The Quillayute system might be the most productive steelhead system on the planet. This year state biologists expect a run of 24,000 wild steelhead. Spring surveys showed that last year, 14,664 steelhead spawned in the system, 8,764 more than the state's "escapement goal" of 5,900, which is the minimum biologists think must spawn to fill the habitat. can a minimum of 5900 ""fill"" the spawning habitat of 14,664 steelhead could it be that escapement goals are set at a criminally low level?

Meaning to disrespect to Doublespey of course, I did enjoy the honorable mention but to this particular point...

How the hell did some self-appointed diety decide how many wild steelhead can FILL a river system?

I say that figure is total bullsh_t. I wonder how many steelhead "filled" the three rivers system during the Lewis and Clark years.

Quite conceivably 59,000 - if averaging by stats for reductions in other runs around the state.
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