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The most fun I've with my pants on! Thanks to all who were involved. I really had a great time. It was nice to finally meet some of the people on the board. I normally don't like to mention names when thanking an entire group of people. I always forget to mention someone. But there are a few people I really need to thank.
Roop, you did a great job.I think you should quit your regular job and do this stuff full time. Thanks for letting me tag along on Friday and the pointers. I had a blast. You're aces.
Juro, I really need to thank you for getting this whole thing started. You have opened up an entire new world for me. Your enthusiasm for this sport is contagious. Don't ever let it fade.
Todd Murphy, your casting instruction is beginning to pay off. It still may not be the prettiest casting technique, but I managed to go through the entire weekend with out a single wind knot. I even avoided hitting myself in the back of the head with a Juro deep sand eel. Todd, you're a miracle worker.
Finally, a special thanks to John. The accommodations at the CAC were 5 star. But most of all, for uttering those immortal words," Get rid of that #*&*%$#%*&* spinning rod and bring your fly rod!" Thanks. It's because of you this weekend happened.
I know I forgot some people. Sorry. But a blanket thank you goes out too all. Sign me up for next year!


BTW. My wife saw the pic. She walked off muttering some thing about it being the only tail I'll be seeing for quite some time....
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