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Old Big Girl/New Big Girl

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The Clave was relly a great time. I will post my report tonite... But first I want to say that the hole at Big Girl appears to be gone. When most of the crew left for Brewster flats ,I stayed behind with Bill, Jimmy and Dave Fix.. We fished hard for a while as the low tide appeared. We waited so that we could walk out to the hole. It was not there. This is after Juro sent us to another sand bar where he had seen schools of stripes cut over the bar. We went and waded slowly out.. stopped and looked... 5 minutes later.. Jimmy,who is behind me about 20 yards says , "John, look to your left".. as I turned I saw ,maybe 50 or 100 stripers swimming right for me. As they approached to within 10 feet they turned and went straight out. I saw another school about a minute later but just a huge moving shadow to my left. Bill was standing to my left rear and I told him that they were heading straight for him. He cast in there direction, but becaue he could not see them ,he miss cast and the fly landed on top of the school and I then saw "many" silver flashes vear off. That was just before we made our walk to big girl hole. Once we discovered that it appeared gone. We started to try and figure out where those schools were going. As we walked out past the location of the disappeared hole we discovered that we could literally walk to the Outer bars... never before were you able to do that. Suffice it to say that we picked a direction and searched fo about one hour. Dave decided to fish closer to shore ,so Bill ,Jimmy and I did a little casting but alot of loking. Well... we found the channel, increadable.. tried to trace it back and front... It's like the channel on the south tip of west North Monomoy. Very deep and It appears to be the only way out to sea during a low tide.... You can not see it from the beach . We caught no fish, but we were at dead low.. I am thinking this is the exit for all those flats fish we saw earlier and the exit for the big girls we hooked up to earlier in the day.. At the next low tide that occurs between 4 and 7 am.. I will go back and take GPS coordinates... More later...It looks like a great holding area when the sand eels start drifting in large numbers, this could be new big girl.
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Thanks for the follow up! As I left for Brewster Flats after only picking off two of the smaller (more gullible) fish out of that stream of stripers coming right to left, I wanted badly to know where they went after entering the deep hole off the north end of the flat. I wouldn't have dreamed that you could get to that funnel point on foot! I saw some submarine sized fish in that route when I was working it before we spoke.

Let's look for an early morning minus tide and stake it out one of these days when the sand eels are thick in there. It will be great to get this years Big Girl dynamics logged early enough to enjoy it thru the season.
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