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November Membership Meeting
Wednesday, November 7th, 2001 7:00 PM (6:30 Social)Bothell American Legion Post 19213 Bothell Way NE, Bothell, WA

You are invited to attend the Wild Steelhead Coalition’s November meeting.

November’s Program Hatchery Reform Discussion

A real opportunity to learn how we can utilize our hatcheries more effectively.

A member from the Hatchery Scientific Review Group (HSRG) representing the Hatchery Reform Project (HRP) will discuss hatchery reform in the Puget Sound and Coastal Washington. The HRP is supported and funded by the US Congress and is a systematic, science-driven redesign of how hatcheries can be used to achieve new purposes: 1) helping to recover and conserve naturally spawning populations and 2) supporting sustainable fisheries. The HSRG consists of 9 scientists from Alaska, British Columbia, Montana, and Washington, representing diverse disciplines including biology, genetics, ecology, fisheries, fish culture, fish pathology and biometrics. For more information on the HRP and HSRG see the web site at

Make plans to attend and hear what else is going on in the WSC!

For more information contact Duggan Harman at [email protected]

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Now there are 2 Double Hauls on the board.

Anyways, isnt it amazing to think that it was almost a year ago that we had our first organized yet disorganized meeting at Teds?? Look how far we have come...and look at we will accomplish!! It makes be very thankful that everyone has stuck with it and that the BOD and others have sacrficed much of their time for the cause. THANKS!!!

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It's really amazing what inspiration and hard work will achieve! Congratulations for all that has been done so quickly at WSC, and more importantly what will come in the future. WSC is here to stay and it's legacy has only just begun.

I wish I could make this meeting. My first reaction upon reviewing the site
was the usual off-key feeling I get when I think about hatcheries playing a role in recovering salmonids.

But as recent discussions on the topic would imply, when a river is trashed by earlier mistakes sometimes we need to do something to make amends.

Now don't get me wrong I still persist in my opinion that hatcheries are not part of the answer but part of the problem, and that fish will recover if given what they need to thrive - habitat and protection from birth to sea to spawn.

But as I read thru some of the pdf files on the site I can't help but realize there is some potential benefit in intelligent fisheries management, at least much more than is currently in place. Any trends toward better practices and the support of people who care about the welfare of the species verses poundage for harvest should amount to something positive. It would be great to grab a venti espresso and hobknob with the WSC crew to give a listen before I jump to any conclusions. I'd sneak my WHeatley into my jacket just in case the topic of flies poppped up }>

No matter what conclusions one might draw, it would seem that each and every move in the right direction is worthwhile. I look forward to hearing what people think after the meeting.
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