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North Shore CCA Tuesday 3/27/01.

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Tuesday 3/27/01 6:30 @ the Starboard Galley downtown Newburyport. Presentation: "Captain Rick Southgate fishing the Bahamas and Caribbean".

email Jim Walker [email protected]

Anyone else going?
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Sully -

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Boy the CCA is very active lately! I'll try my best to make it.

After the Boston/Metro CCA event I just attended, then the Marshfield CCA event about 100 miles from my home I hope to attend on the 21st with October Caddis visiting from Seattle, this North Shore meeting on the 27th, then the new Cape CCA chapter, etc - I will have to pick which cards I play against my family duties with spring around the corner. Maybe I should shoot for a different chapter each month

I hope people from each respective area attend in good numbers.

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Ssorry, Ssully - I sstill can't get by what I told you guys at Jim's house enough to ssit sstill for that...
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