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Norht Carolina Report

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I spoke with Tyler Stone who is one of the best guides in North Carolina (has guided for the likes of Lefty K.) and he as agreed to allow me to post his fishing reports on the board. In the future I will be posting these in the Carolinas Area along with a story on NC redfishing I finished and a season chart for NC Game fish. So here is this months report............

The water temps. are still in the mid fifties so not much is happening inshore at the moment. We do have some schooled up drum in the creeks and flats but they are proving to more elusive than last year because of the colder winter. The fish have been moving to deep water during every cold snap and are proving hard to stay on top of. Despite the cold however, we have been able to catch fish throughout the winter and are very excited about the number of fish that we anticipate seeing this spring!

The bonito are about 25 to 30 miles out and are pushing their way in to the hill as the water warms. We should see the first fish in about two weeks if we can continue some semblance of a warming trend. Blues and Spanish will be mixed in with the odd albacore making a showing. Maybe we can get a repeat of last fall when we had loads of albacore between the jetties in the inlet.....

The gulf stream is HOTHOTHOTHOT!!!! The yellow fin are present in large numbers and the boats that have been able to get out between blows have scored big. The Agitator(a new charter boat out of the Bridge Tender Marina) boated 15 yellow fins and two wahoo last Saturday. However the big story is the big blue fins that have been busting up everybody's tackle. Many fish in the 100 to 200 pound range have been tagged and released with an equal number of fish swimming away with everything they ate in the spread. Our new offshore specialist Rob Tennille(he paid me to say that) boated a 193 pound fish on the 17th while fishing aboard the Toothdoctor. The bluefins have moved south for the spring or were they out there all along...........???????

<b>Check out his shop's website at or call him to
get into the action yourselve at 888-325-4285</b>
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Nathan -

Nice catch! Could you ask him if he'd like to be our North Carolina correspondent? I'll talk to you offline about the details.

Nice to see someone's gettin' some!
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