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I'm on a paraphenalia drive... how about some bumper stickers:

Slow: Schoolie Zone
Warning: This vehicle stops for all surface activity
Caution: I brake for blitzes
It's 3am - do you know where your stripping basket is?
Warning: I brake for roadkill
I lost my cherry at Big Girl Bar
No joy like Monomoy
I love the smell of burning drag in the morning
Warning: I brake for CONCLAVES

LOok for them on a bumper near you!

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Ass, Gas or Bass nobody rides for free.

Liar liar
Pants onfire,
Saw you last weekend
Trolling wire.

Follow me to the Canal Tunnel.

Rub a Dub Dub
Three men in a tub,
That's not a fly
Just a big fat plug.

Sluggo's to the left of me,
Sluggo's to the right of me...

Mary had a little fly
It's dressing white as snow,
And everywhere it was cast
The Albies didn't show.

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Yessir Doug! I am feeling out the best catch phrase for it... in this thread!

I want to get them for different regions, these are obviously striper country.

The pacific northwest might have things like:

My other car is a driftboat
Warning: I brake for October caddis

There might be a one-for-all phrase:

Warning: This vehicle stops suddenly near water

or something.

These are in addition to the static clinging window stickers we talked about, I'll post samples very soon!

thanks to all for your patience, and if anyone has ideas... I'd love to hear / see them!


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BLIND CASTING - Eye protection required.

EXPERT CASTER - No flies on me!

Fly Fisher Kayaker's never make waves.

Fly Fishing Forearm...4 em... Forum.

Capt. Ray's Angel Hair - We split hairs.

and lastly

Juro's Deep Sandeel Flies - We sink to low levels.

Man... Do I have too much time on my hands.(That's not one of the paraphenalia sayings)

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I'm kickin this one up due to Chris' great work with the spring sticker... but don't get any ideas! ;-)

Note: a couple of posts were cleaned up and a couple more probably should be! }>
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