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New World Record Humpy

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This 14.49 pound pink was caught out of the Lower Sky over the weekend. Its big, its ugly but Hey...its a new world record.

Photo courtsey of
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This makes me think of Ray Troll's "Humpies from Hell" characterization!

Copyright Ray Troll, cool guy and great artist
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WR or not why kill it? i doubt they knew it was a WR and who really cares. Keep the genetic alive for the future. Who know what might have come from this thing spawning.
There's definitely some positive salmon funk in the pacific this year. How many times has the WA coho state record been broken by 20+ pound fish this fall - at least 4?

Could be a strong herring population, any reduction in the usual commercial roe harvest this year? There has to be some reason.
Manhole covers with fins I tell 'ya!!!

I got a frantic call today at work from someone who had just weighed, on his scale, a 15.5 pound humpy and was desperate for a place to get it certified.

What is so amazing about all these recrods that are being broken-over and over again-is that its not by a couple ounces but by a couple pounds.

I guess that just goes and shows you what good ocean conditions will do...
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