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New North Umpqua Regs

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I got that last post out of my system I feel better I thought I'd throw this subject out there again and see what everyone thinks.

On the North Umpqua, the river I consider home even though I live in Seattle, the fly only water has new regs this year. No weight on the flies and floating line only.

What do people think about this?

I understand what the department was trying to do. They were trying to stop guys from hammering fish with nymphs. A lot of time guys will sit in one hole and just throw big nymphs all day long and hit fish after fish after fish. Last year I watched one guy hook a fish every 10-15 minutes in upper boat on nymphs. A lot of times these are non aggressive fish that are holding in deeper pools.

I have taken my share of fish down there on nymphs and leeches don't get me wrong usually as a second pass through a run and fish them moving down a run. There are two runs in particular that I have always fished ugly bugs in but once I get a fish on a nymph or leech I go back to more traditional patterns.

I think the motivation is right but I think that this rule is terrible. Anglers need to learn to be more responsible and other anglers need to put pressure on them to be more responsible. I will still be down there this summer fishing don't get me wrong. If you have been to the place it sucks you in and you have to fish it every year. But this year I am leery of what it is going to be like down there. We will see. Out lawing strike indicators would have been a good start to controlling the problem and not looking so snobbish.

What is everyone's opinion on this. I am waiting and seeing now.

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