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Hi everyone!
I am new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. I'm Pete and just yesterday moved into Berks County (not giving any more specifics than that), Pennsylvania, USA, with a wild brown trout creek running through our back yard for a 617ft stretch. I've been tying since age 14 (so 28 years) and fly fishing (not necessarily "catching") since age 21 (so 21 years) - I'm one of the odd ones who did things backward, at least in that regard. As far as the "about me" stuff, I'm in the pharmaceutical industry, and also full-time in med school. Have a wonderful wife and 2 kids. For tying, my specialty is Irish Lough flies, but for fly fishing I prefer dries. I'm not "uppity" about the dries thing, though, and I've been known to (gasp) use squirmy wormies and mop flies if that makes my case that I'm not "uppity"... (not trying to open THAT can of worms! Just saying I'm not "snobbish" or "uppity" in my use of dries.) :) My newly-teenaged son is also a fly fisherman and fly tyer and ties up a mean jig nymph; he's always innovating.
Looking forward to meeting you all!
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