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I am from Russia, from the Russian Far East, from the city of Khabarovsk located at the Amur River near the Chinese border. I am a fish biologist, PhD, and avid flyfisherman.
I want to present you my new book; it is my 4th one, and the 1st one in English.


My new book on the Russian Far East is printed and delivered to the distributor located in NJ, USA.
It has 600 pages and over 300 half-page colour images.

Here are come references of the well-known Western scientists and anglers:
The book is ready!

This is a good guide-book for anybody who wants to travel to Russia for fishing or just likes to read about new exotic places.
May I ask you to forward this information to some of your friends which might be interested?

Thank you!
Best regards


Flyfishing Russia: The Far East

To order 'Flyfishing Russia: The Far East' by Mikhail Skopets:
email [email protected]
or text/call +1(201)838-6629

"Far East Distribution" USA
The cost is $49.95 plus shipping and handling. For the good quality colour book of this volume it is not too much.
Soon it will be listed at Amazon.
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