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NC Clave?

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If you are interested in an OBX Clave then I would seriously consider accommodations similar to the options I’ve included below.

I already booked a family trip to the Outer Banks for next year. You can’t beat living like an oil baron, on the ocean, for $134 per man, per week. If you have your heart set on Beaufort Inlet then you can disregard these houses because they are a bit too north of Hatteras to be useful.

If, on the other hand, you are merely looking to charter a boat and slam some fish, look no further.

The three pictures included below are of an oceanfront home that will run you $2000 for a week. It will sleep 15 guys comfortably (read as “own bed/pull-out couch”). Some amenities that are included:

Tennis Available
Big screen TV
Wet bar with fridge
Ocean view hot tub on deck
Deluxe kitchen with double appliances
20’ x 40’ Private Pool
Sea kayak
Private beach walkway with dune deck.
10 CATV, 5 VCR

Keep in mind that I included this property as the budget minded Clave command center. Click on the links below for the upgraded oceanfront properties.

<img src="">

<img src="">

<img src="">

Here is the link for the above property:
$2000= $134/15 guys.

Next in line:
$4000= $266/15 guys.

And last, but certainly not least:
$6500= $360/18 guys.
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Here are the pics of the $2000/week($134 per man) house that comfortably sleeps 15.

Bedrooms: 7 - 4 Kings, 2 Queens, 2 Bunksets, 2 Trundles, 2 Queen Sleep Sofa, Single Sleep Sofa.

Square Footage: 5600

See the previous message for the list of included amenities." border="0">

<img src="" border="0">

<img src="
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OK, the price sounds right with enough clavers, and the accomodations are almost indecent!

By being too far north, what exactly does that mean? What is nearby?

Matt -

Are there similar accomodations near the shore-shuttle spots you hit recently?

(this whole thing is getting v-e-r-y close to reality, it's gonna be hard to stop us nest year!)

<!--http--><a href="" target="_blank"> Place for $2000= $134/15 guys </a><!--url-->

Next in line:

<!--http--><a href="" target="_blank"> Place for $4000= $266/15 guys</a><!--url-->

And last, but certainly not least:

<!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">Another place</a><!--url-->
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I apologize yet again. These houses are all in a community named Pine Island. They are between Corolla and Duck, NC, in the Outer Banks.

Also, these houses are merely an example of what you can find in the area. Frequently it is more cost effective to rent one of these homes for a week rather than renting a hotel room.

Good luck.
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Juro, I didn't actually look into renting while I was down there, but there were a lot of places that looked very similar to those above located on the beach in Atlantic Beach. I've heard that there are ferries that run out to the hook from Atlantic beach, but we didn't find any when we were down there. Assuming there aren't any ferries that run out of there, I think it's probably about a 30-45 minute drive to Harker's Island from Atlantic Beach.

we need some place closer I think....

--that's nearly 1.5 hours wasted from fishing!!

What if we brought the wives/significant others? That would make it easier to justify although the additional shopping expense would need to be factored in.
It seems the lodging would be a no brainer and it would allow them to meet in a fun setting.

Maybe not the first time down, but something to think about. I'd hate to come back with pictures like those above from a fishing trip and face my wife! I typically show her how I slept in the rental car or a plunking shack by the river, etc...
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Jared, staying in Morehead City or Atlantic Beach sadly doesn't wind up taking time away from fishing, you can sleep in and still catch the first boat. The ferry services keep bankers hours at best, so even if you're on the first ferry out there and the last ferry back you get in an average of ~7 hours out at the hook(9ish-4ish). With a bunch of clavers we might be able to twist some arms and get them to run us out early. Calico Jacks seemed like they might be reciptive to something like that.

If there's enough boats to ferry everyone out to the hook then the ferries become a moot point, and there's plenty of ramps that are open fairly early.

There was a sign up on Harker's Island advertising motor homes for rent, I'll see if i can dig up the number. It's not quite as luxurious as the places above, but it's a stone's throw from the HIFC.
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I just got back from NC. Did mostly duck hunting but got a few days fishing in. I am planning to do a few days in Late October, early November next year. This year the best place to go would be Atlantic Beach because beufort Inlet has been so hot but that is not Normal. Usually the cape lookout Inlet is better but the presure there is becoming a joke. It is like Wacky but bigger. I think that pushed the fish to the other Inlet. Anyway I would wait on the reservation. I actually wan't planning on going for Albies. I would rather fish for reds. The first week of November my dad was catching 8-14# reds no stop in the Newport river. This is cool shallow water fishing and is much more of a challenge. Anyway, I would want to plan a trip to do a little of both. I have access to 3 boats. What does everyone say?
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I think many of us have been lusting over this trip for years, I know I have. Better break the news to the wife now, a year notice can't be bad

Reds sound great too.
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better add my name to the list...(come to think of it, make that twice -- hopefully I can drag my brother from Michigan along too!)

i am PSYCHED!!!!

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