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Native-bearing tribs of the Snoqualmie

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It always amazed me how many wild steelhead are caught in the Snoqualmie. I fished it a lot over the years and have seen very strong returns of wild fish despite the sudden end at the falls, and a seemingly small spawning potential.

Where do they all come from?

I know there are naturally reproducing fish in Tokul, the Tolt has a strong population of wild (native) steelhead, the Raging has a bunch, and some spawn in the mainstem. I've seen redds from the rope bridge in Carnation in April, and crossed over at the top of the island above Tokul to stand on the big basalt rockpile and count redds on the flat above the kayaker's chute. I've caught 4 out of 7 unclipped on the middle Tolt many years ago just before they closed it in spring, and have caught both summer and winter wild steelhead at the mouth of the Raging.

So I guess when you add it all up, there is quite a wild fish potential in a river that stops about as abruptly as a river could!
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I haven't run into as many as Juro, but have had the pleasure of acquainting myself with a few unclipped (wild?) summers both above and below the Raging and one large buck that munched my purple/pink rabbit matuka on a very cold snowy day in early February several years back.

In talking to other flyfishers, there seems to be consensus that there are still good #s of native fish in the Snoqualmie system. It doesn't get near the pressure the Sky or Skagit do in spring (for whatever reason), but it has good fly water and some suprisingly big fish.
Ooops . . . I probably should have said "WERE" . . .
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