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Name Change

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Okay, I find myself in an unusual conundrum. I chose OldDoogue as my name for the simple reason that my younger brother, Mike, was first to the dance and had already staked the "Doogue" claim. Now my father, Jim, had to muddy the waters by becoming an active participant. His name is actually DadD as of this moment but that can be quickly rectified.

My question is this, I am hardly the oldest Doogue at this point, so what should my new name be, if I should change it at all? I'm just attempting to avoid any confusion on the board that may arise from my deceptive name. I am open to name suggestions from all Forum members.

Let the games begin.

~Mark Doogue
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OK... I am glad you are doing this.. I have been refering to your father as Olddouge. There are three,,,,
My vote is for MiddleDouge - sorta sounds like a fishing hot spot.

A rose by any other name..........

But MiddleDoogue does have a certain ring to it? ;)
You could always just replace your name with a funky one character symbol. Then we could refer to you as "The fisherman formerly known as OldDoogue".
I checked with america online and they suggested: olddoogue377342yr78q234rbcfijssu873483207748307.
Maybe Dad oughta go with "BIGDOOGUE" as in "if you can't fish with the BIGDOOGUE..." - then you could be "MidDoogue" - Just think, though, some night with all conditions perfectly positioned and you all having roaring success hooking up, kinda makes one think of a

Judging from my Clave participation, maybe I should call myself, "The Invisible Doogue."
Didn't think that a man's handle could conjure up such interest when there seems to be so many other interesting issues to be written and read! Actually, I apologize for the confusion. Being new to the Forum, I myself wasn't sure who O.D. was.( thought one of my boys had already signed me up). Then I met Bob Pink early one morning on Wollaston Beach about a month back, introduced myself, and he wanted to know if I was old or new Doogue. Talk about being confused! Guess the easiest way to solve this problem is to take the obvious nickname Old doogue away from my son and allow HIM to pick a new name. Hope that makes you happy Mark. Real happy! Like what are the odds of me borrowing your new, unused, rod and reel this weekend so I can join up with Juro and company on Monomy and at least look good. J.D.
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You know where to find my gear. Have my FREE day care provider bring it home with her tomorrow.

Hmmm......let's changed my electrical service, re-wired my central air, replaced my water heater.......I guess you can borrow my new rig!?!?!?

There are only two stipulations that come with my unused gear. One, you must catch a keeper with it to break the ice for me. Two, try to have it back to me so I can use it on Monday. Even that, though, is negotiable. At this point I'm planning on meeting the youngster for a morning North Shore sortie on Memorial Day.

As for the name change, OldDoogue has already been passed on to your account. For now, unless someone really were to "wow" me, MiddleDoogue is the winner in the name game.

~Mark Doogue
Would someone please sumarize all of this in one concise post...
Father: Jim Doogue - OldDoogue

First born son: Mark Doogue - MiddleDoogue(formerly OldDoogue)

Youngest son: Mike Doogue - Doogue
OK---got it... Thanks
So there's a definite possibility we'll see that THREE DOOGUE NIGHT?

NEAT! 8)
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