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Today we decided to go to North fork Skykomish. I never had been there. I took two guys who are learning how to flyfishing and how to catch trout. We didn't find any good trout water and river looks almost dead (no little smolts -> no big fish). But when we drove back to Seattle I decided to stop at the bridge in Index and try "Teeny approach" i.e. look to the water from high point. And what I've seen was VERY exciting.... Big dark fishes lying on the bottom... 1,2,3
7 of them! Looks like 4-6lbs steelhead but they was Dollies!
(or bull trout). Bright white glow around lower fins and little white spots over the dark body. Are they abundant in N.Fork? (I know they are endangered almost everywhere ). How far they can travel upstream?
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