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Yesterday I was in guided trip with Dennis Dickson. Started from Cicero bridge and float downstream on rafts. Nobody caught a steelhead but we saw fish spooked by our rafts.
I remember these pools but but how to get into without
a raft... river surrounded by private lands almost everywhere
The most interesting thing for me was Dennis' tackle. He use light 5wt Loomis for surface presentations with his own "shooting head system" made from 7wt line. I tried to cast his rod... Hmmm, works very well!

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Vic -

I'd love to get on the water with Dennis someday. I have a pontoon kickboat and love drifting rivers in it.

Like Dennis, many of us have developed hybrid line systems. They are a real advantage because they allow fast exchange of sink tip densities while providing good casting and line control characteristics. Some of the guys on this forum are incredibly well-versed in this art. Spey lines are different than single-hand systems because the latter is more tolerant.

Kerry -

I believe Vic was saying that Dennis had his own system, not that he "invented" them.
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