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Multi-tip line popularity?

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Since leaving steelhead country (in body but not entirely in spirit) Airflo's multi-tip lines have come into vogue. Are they catching on for steelhead?

I have my own loop design that I prefer over factory loops, but the convenience seems all too hard to resist. (Maybe I should go peruse Dana's board(s) before posing such a question...)
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It is amazing how much the popularity of multi-tips lines have grown. It has pretty much made Vincent's small time business into a huge production. At the shop I work, 3 years ago we carried the various spey lines by Rio and that was it but now we carry a huge number of of Rio products all due to the popularity of Jimmy's Accelerator and Windcutter multi-tip lines.

I have been fishing the Anadramous Dredger by Rio recently. 24' tips in 200, 300 and 400 grains. Pretty much the Teeny Lines with a longer running line that has little more belly. I like it much better than switching between spools of my various Teeny lines.

And Duggan made a great suggestion to me this Sunday that I will no doubt follow. Cut back 18' of SA's Steelhead Taper and use the various Rio tips that are sold seperately.
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I gave up on the factory multi-tip lines after I bought a Rio Windcutter and found that there are actually 2 loops on it - one at the floating tip and one at the back of the head for attaching long Teeny-like tips directly to the running line. Since I've never used that loop, I really resent it being there (especially when it clanks thru the tiptop as I'm about to land a steelhead). Don't know if they still do it that way, but it was enough to get me chopping lines and making the loops myself.

I'll do the loop on the line (and floating head), but am more than willing to buy the pre-looped sinking tips from Rio Products. They come in 15' sections in almost every line weight in both type 4 and type 6 sink rates. Just needle-knot a butt onto it and you're ready to go!
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