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More Memories from Spring Clave...

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People filtering in...

Anchorage waterfront

Relaxing by the water

Brian's super bright striper

fish on!

Who gave ROOP the RED BULL ;D
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and some more ...

Seven clavers fish the flats at dusk

Clave lodgings

Mike fights a blue

Mike demonstrates overboard spool retrieval

It's suppa time!
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And a few more .....

Don fights a blue.

Yours truly casting to marauding blues.

Mike with a nice blue.
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Dreamin' about the spring clave...

Hey Gregg, looks like you're not hosting the pics at that location anymore. If you want I can put them up in a permanent location.
The pics are still at my site but through editing I probably screwed things up. I'll see what I can do though I don't know if the pics are really worth it - I seem to have been photographically challenged that weekend.
Gregg - they look fine!

The spool retrieval shot of Mike had me laughing out loud, just what I needed to remind me of the days just ahead.
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