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I was back at Halifax Park Saturday night. Hooked into my biggest striper yet. I estimate it ran 32". Not sure as it pre- released at my feet. She was tired and lingered for about 20 seconds catching it's breath. Caught several others as well. The big fish are moving in but I'm still waiting for the cows to start whacking bait on the surface. That's when things get really fun.
I'll be heading back out this evening and will try fishing into the dark. Hope to hit Popham and perhaps some of the southern coast if I can get away.
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Chris -

Sounds like the stripers are arriving in lobstah land! Let's try to do that Maine clave we chatted about at the Anchorage. It's been a long time since I fished Popham, back in the days when I worked at Bath Iron Works in fact.

I'm sure I can convince my wife to visit Maine and I'll let her shop while we fish! Could be expensive ;-)
Sounds like a plan. I think I'll hit Popham tomorrow. We had some rain yesterday and the river in Winslow was high. Not much happening there another guy cought a couple in the hour I fished on surface poppers. Cows should be in any day. I have to go to Petersham, MA Thursday or Friday.
I'll be up in the Brunswick/Bath area this weekend. Hoping/Thinking about trying to get out early Sat morning for an hour or so. Any recommendations for a MA striper chaser who hasn't been to Popham in nearly 12 years?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry I missed your post. I was away all weekend getting rained out on the deerfield and then just got real busy preparing for my daughters graduation. If you find yourself up here again in the next coule of weeks check out waterville/ winslow. Very wadable most times and the cows are in !!!! 40 plus inchers very regularly.
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