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usually I don't hit monomoy until the mid summer to hit the flat, but I have heard it is good earlier. I wanted to give it a try. Where and when is it good?
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Hi Nate - I've got those MOnomoy jones too!

My experiences have been that the intial arrival times vary per year, but most year by mid-May the fish are in solid and worth pursuit. One year April 10th had tons of bright fish around the Bass River and within a couple weeks (third week - end April) Hardings / Stage was loaded and the bath tub was rockin' by the beginning of May. Other years the Nantucket Sound spring fish were sparse in mid-May and the Monomoy area didn't get going until a little before Memorial Day. Last year was a little late getting started but was rockin' by late May and you experienced June with us.

I spoke with Roop and I think he wants to target the weekend of May 19th for the spring conclave. This would mean that not only the south side, but the Chatham area and much of the bayside will be in the running for good fish. I know we had this much earlier last year but I like his logic of (a) accomodating a Rhody casual in the start of May and (b) giving the fish some time to arrive. I'll echo that in the question about the spring clave too...
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