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The situation at Monomoy is getting bad... full time law enforcement officials are "too busy" dealing with violators entering off-limits zones. There is a possibility that continued abuse of protected areas will result in new policies that would potentially reduce our access to the refuge.

According to a Federal Officer we spoke with Saturday "just make sure you are able to read the letters on the signs and you'll be alright". On Friday, someone had crossed over to South Monomoy at low tide and was fishing the controversial north tip illegally. Many anglers have ignored the signs and walked through nesting areas and fragile dunes.

The Monomoy refuge is a jewel in times when things like this are just not found. Officials will say that our usage of the island is second, the native birds are first. Please, if you fish Monomoy stay out of protected areas and keep it open for the angling community.

Let's show the US government that their policies of keeping Monomoy open to the public is appreciated by not giving them any reasons to doubt the arrangement as it is.
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