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Monomoy 06/11

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Took a trip out to Monomoy on Rip Ryder Monday afternoon. Morning had been all sun, so it seemed like perfect conditions for sight casting with low wind and the tide turning in around 12:30. Blind casted into the trenches for a short period as the tide started to rise, thinking I would have about 3 hours of incoming tide site fishing when . . . . clouds rolled in and the breeze picked up making it virtually impossible to see the rascals. No sight fishing for Monday!

I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon exploring parts of the island I have never seen. Scouted most of the island perimeter (all but the south west ¼). Did much more walking than fishing until 3pm when I decided I had only had 30 minutes before starting the hike back to the pick-up spot. Found a nice drop with good current. Tried every retrieve that has ever worked for me. Nothing. At 3:30 “one more cast and I gotta go”. As I reeled in “bang”, fish on, reel buzzed, nice “just barely” keeper. Now I decided I REALLY had 10 more minutes. Tried “imitating” the reel-in motion on the retrieves. Nothing. Time to go, cast, reel in, “bang” fish on. This happened a third time! Someone please tell this numbskull how to do a retrieve that makes the fly look like you’re reeling in!

Moved like hell back to meet Rip Ryder and made it with a minute to spare. The few people I met all said it had been slow, both at South Beach, and at Monomoy. (Sunday apparently was much better).

By the way, if you are heading to Monomoy, the entire inside of the island is blocked off for nesting birds. Essentially, only the perimeter beaches are open for anything that doesn’t fly and lay eggs. I found only one “path” across the island where walking is permitted. Your choices are: 1.) take the marked path directly across the island (where Rip Ryder drops you, 2.) walk around the northern tip, or 3.) walk around the southern tip. It’s possible there were other access paths, but I didn’t see them. You may want to ask Keith.
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I've had similar experiences, pretty whacky, eh? Only thing I could suggest is the under the armpit two handed retrieve with a little clammer digger's in-and-out motion with the chest to simulate the vibration while reeling in, but I would hope no one sees you doing it as it may damage your reputation as a knowledgable angler ;-)

Must've been good to log some time out there, each hour you spend teaches you something however subtle - and it all has returns on investment down the road.
Thanks, Juro. I'll give that a shot.

You're right about logging hours. Any time "on the water", particularly at a place like Monomoy, is great learning time.
Sorry I may have expressed that last post wrong - it was a joke of course, I was referring to the guys who stand chest deep in Waquoit Bay working some kind of digging apparatus in a motion that would give a ewe in heat hot flashes. The visual had us rolling on the deck at Boneclave last year, meaning no disrespect to the hard working clam diggers (who make more pay than I do and get to play outside every day).

To answer your question straight, I would imagine the hand over hand is the only thing close. When reeling the rod does pulse when reeling in the line from the rotational motion of the reeling hand, hence the off-color joke reference to the clam pump.

That monster you landed last year was on June 17th if I am not mistaken...

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June 30 I think. The Monomoy mini clave.
Oh. I must have had my "duh" hat on when I read your post. Now I get it. See - just goes to show you, some of us will believe anything we hear if we think it might improve our chances of a hook up. :)
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