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Merrimac Salmon Season a Wash?

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The high spring flows (some guy even drowned!) have put a real damper on the Merrimac brood salmon program - for me anyway. Everytime I would get inspired the levels prevented the trip.

Jay Clancy and I talked about this the other day, and we were wondering about the levels. Are they due to excessive run-off? Rain? Dam management?

I've decided not to purchase the tags this year, the river is already pretty warm and once it reaches smallmouth bass temperatures the salmon take seems to go off quickly.

Saving my brownie points for the Margaree!
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I'm still tempted to go up and explore the upper tribs of the Merrimack for one last ditch effort this year. Do you have any way of keeping tabs on the river temperatures at various spots along the reaches above Concord? I need to swing the 8150-4 Sage against a real understand.

Jay C.
Best bet would be to contact John Greenwood, director of the anadromous program NH. As we know, he is a great guy and always willing to help out.

Any time mid-week Jay? My arm is weak to twisting
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