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I've got a couple of jobs next week down in the Albany to Corvallis area. Anyone doing any good on the Mckenzie or the S. fork of the Santiam River for Summer Runs?
A couple of weeks ago I hooked two nice fish on the Mckenzie just above the I-5 bridge at Armitage Park at 1st light. On the drive back to Albany did some exploring and took Hwy 266 I think and then cut over to Crabtree and Scio.
Crossed a large bridge and stopped for a look at the S. Santiam and fish were holding below. Didn't have time to fish run and no way to get to island under brige but if your in that area take a good look at that run it's a beauty. You will need a float tube to get to island as the back water under bridge is still and deep but only about 15 feet across to island. Run is long and starts above brige to a long way below. Land is heavly posted but the float tube directly under bridge will get you there.
Anyway have the rivers come up in last week? Will they come up so fishing is difficult? And have any of you Oregon guys been swinging a floating line yet. Want to fish a floating line soooo so bad.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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