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Marlboro or Wilmington?

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For a number of reasons, some people like this show and others like that. For me it's easy... who puts up the biggest casting pond?

Seriously, when we plan a weekend get together during mid-season we compare and contrast factors stating Wednesday to conclude on spots by the weekend... what are your thoughts on Marlboro verses Wilmington?
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JURO,hope you had a good time at the show. the marlboro show is great to meet flytiers, an see new flies,this is it's 3 year, PAUL FULLER use to do it,but as you know he is now the wilmington show. there seems to be a toss up on which show is better,you get different people at them, an if you MISS out on something you can always go to the outher one. this year it seem the big boys, an some dealers did NOT show, they are going to Sommerset N.J.they
believe that 500 exhiberters is better than Marlboro,
Wilmington,might be going next weekend if I do Ill let you know whats happening."GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN"
Marlborough Fly Show

Larger tying theater areas, better seminars rooms and sound systems, more room to browse
Seminars in seperate buildings, less vendors, smaller lunch menu

Wilmington World Expo

More Destination Trips, more vendors (rod, reels, etc.), better food. When their date arrives, closer to the start of fishing season.

Seminars noisey with show talk in the backgrounds, accoustics problem, smaller sections of tyers, too crowded to walk.

Just my $0.02. Wouldn't miss either one though.

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<b>All I know is that at the Malboro Show I got my picture taken with the Famous Cpt. Ray</b>

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Hi! grego -

<b>Boy, if you believe that Greg, we're both in serious trouble. Does you Blue Cross cover therpy? You and I can go on the family plan, U know, like that phone company cell program that appears on TV.</b>
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