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Mariners looking good this all-star year!

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Gotta love 'em. The big unit, Jr, Arod gone but still kickin' butt.
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It is early in the season but these guys can play. Don't get me wrong as I love Buhner but Ichiro has a GUN for an arm!

Still bittersweet though as I am used to listening to these early season games while at the vise preparing offerings for the next mornings C & R explorations.

K I C K B U T T !!!!!

Gotta love those 20 and 4 M's!
The only other thing that comes close to passion for steelhead is baseball and in particular Mariners Baseball. The fall of '95 was the greatest couple months of my life...

To say that I am STOKED about this team is an understatement. Lets just hope the M's have it all clinched up as I make my way to the Kispiox this September or I am going to be one distracted nervous anxious fisherman.

And speaking of Ichiro, he is one of the most exciting non-power hitters in all of baseball.
I don't get a lot of buzz out here on that situation 3000 miles away, but I am a little curious on that note - his defense, stats and contribution is obvious but the power hitting is clearly not his forte. I heard that he swings hard at batting practice but prefers to place the ball during games. I also remember him hitting one out early in the season. I wish I got to watch the team play more instead of reading the scores.

After they sweep the series w/ Chicago, I think the Bosox play them at Safeco. If I stay up for the 10pm start times I'll get to watch them play. Games against the Red Sox are my favorites, because I like both teams and even though one has to lose the other favorite always gets to win. I'd be a little less calm if the two teams go for the AL championship series though.

I enjoyed watching the M's n Fenway last year. My daughter wanted to figure out some way to get A-Rod's attention. I knew he was a loser ;D

Anyway, until the fishing heats up to a boil it's great entertainment.
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2 outta 3...not bad!!!

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