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Margaree Dreams

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I am just about 100% to go to Nova Scotia this year. Wife's gonna kill me, cause I am going to BC as well. Maybe it's not the two trips but the weekends in between

Anyone interested in running up north to Cape Breton?
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Interested?! INTERESTED?!!! now what kind of a bloody question is that Juro? Interested! geez! The interest is always there... it is our day to day life that gets in the way, though. Oh how I wish...
Juro, what is the timing on this trip? Let me know I'm very interested. I'm also heading to the Thompson in Nov. Where are you headed?
Oh nice country. Went there in 90 to hear the Scottish fiddling and catch some trout. West Mabou is a fine little town to stay in too. Would love to join you but I would hate sleeping under my boat in the backyard when I got back
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I'll be talking with our very own Bob Boudreau about best times. I know in the past he has implied fall, October. That is a tough time for me... sO mAnY dIstRacTiOns that time of year! I'll just be getting back from BC too, any room under that boat?

I am into challenge, so summer fish are fine for me. I like the low clear water, bright sun challenge - reminds me of the dog days out west. I guess I'd be happy to go anytime I could make a fair number of fish move for the fly.

Let me see if Bob can chime in on this...
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