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March Meeting of the WSC

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For those who have not heard the March meeting of the Wild Steelhead Coalition will be taking place this Wednsday at 7 p.m.

On March 7th at 7:00 PM, you are invited to join other concerned citizens in working to preserve our wild steelhead runs for the future.

Two speakers will be featured.

1. Curt Kraemer (Washington Department of Fish Wildlife) will provide a case study on Skagit River steelhead (past, present and future). Kreamer is a well known, respected, and knowledgeable fisheries biologist. This presentation should be both educational and interesting.

2. R.P. Van Gytenbeek (Washington State Fisheries Commission) will present a "no holds barred" discussion on the current state wide, wild steelhead catch and release issues and how close we are to making this a reality. He will also let us know what we can all do (as a group and individuals) to make this a reality.

Wednesday, March 7th. 6:00 pm
Bothell American Legion Post, 13215 Bothell Way, Bothell
If you have any questions please contact Ryan S. Petzold at [email protected] or 425-438-8504
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The address listed above is in error. The correct address is 19213 Bothell Way NE. It is the large white chalet style building just north of downtown Bothell. Sorry for the bad information.

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