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Hey Bill & Skookum,

I just tried what I consider to be a great rod for those who want a floating line summer steelhead single/double rod - the Scott ARC 1196/4. Great travel rod, has a very nice delivery with the RIO Windcutter 6/7/8, can be easily cast 1 handed but also casts well 2-handed (for those times when you've got the brush at your back).

It seems like it would handle a 7wt line very easily for single-hand, maybe even a WF 8 in a pinch. Nice finish, etc.

I've tried the Sage 1007 and 967 and both are nice rods - I think I like the feel of the 967 for casting but the mending of the 1007. The big advantage of the Scott is that it's just as nice for single handed work, but gives you the option of a two-hander when you need it.

I also love the 7136, but it's a bit much to cast single handed <g>

Oops - think I might have just sold myself!


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