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It is good to see this, it brings back some good memories. I think that strange look I had in my eyes was related to the apprehension I felt in going fishing with three Americans crazy enough to drive from the Oregon border to Spence's Bridge in a blinding rainstorm - THEN all of them sleep in their pick-up rather than wake me up and sleep in the 25 foot "Martini Bar" - that was spooky! Then when the awesome "Beaver-stick" wading staff came out I didn't know what to do. We then proceeded to fish our asses off for 2 days and you weirdos packed up and disappeared whence you came! I celebrated your good fortune by going out and beaching 2 chromers before you were 10 miles down the road. I can't wait to read the rest - it was an awesome trip and a great time.

Tight lines - tyler.
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