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Let's get serious...

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I am upping the ante on the indoor casting clave. The one who locates, secures and posts the arrangements (da' meister) for an inddor casting clave will receive an Old Florida bar stock disc drag reel w/ case (retail over $200) as the service award.

Here are some (suggested) guidelines, open for discussion:

- the location should be central enough so that it's convenient enough for many to attend.

- I think three hours is a good time span for either a weekday evening or a weekend day (in my opinion)

- We should try to at least break even on the cost of the hall rental. School auditoriums are a good choice as long as they are high and long enough. Preferably there will be enough to donate to the school if we got that route, or better yet raise funds for the Forum - but break even is still good fun for us. Anything shortcoming between rental and attendance will come out of the Forum's existing fund base, not out of member pockets.

- I will assist in finding sponsors who might show up with rods and lines for us to try out (or buy)

- We should make it a learning experience for those looking to brush up

- We will try to close out some raffle items during the event by selling tickets and drawing them at the event (no need to be present to win if you already have a ticket). We need to finish all the raffles before spring when the focus becomes all fishing, all the time.


Special thanks... the reel was donated to the Forum by sponsor <font color="0000ff">Blue Northern Trading Co.</font><!--color-->, Ayer MA (978) 772-6779
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I could look into getting the use of a hanger on Hanscomb, but I have no idea if this would be do-able, My guess is that this time of year there are no empty hangers. I know a couple of people who work down there & I could ask around.
This thought is too late to be helpfull this winter, but does anyone know how to get a class started up in a local adult education program. May be an "advanced fly casting" course could be setup for next winter using the facilities of a local school. I have seen courses in fly fishing through some schools. This would be an extension of that.

Any comments?

My 2c worth, that sounds like a great idea - it would raise the profile of the forum in the wider community whilst helping to get more people interested in the sport.
Adrian, John -

Brilliant idea, a great direction we need to go toward with this forum... <b>education</b>. There aren't enough kids getting into it either, with video gaming at peak interest levels in young america and such.

In fact if you look at our 2000 antics, we taught, learned and discovered. Our appreciation for the intrinsic value of wild places grew.

I wonder if it's as simple as contacting various adult education programs in high schools, colleges, etc? Worth a try I guess.
Juro, You give me credit for having loftier goals than I had when I posted the message. I was only thinking of making it easier to have a casting clave next year.

I realize that by posting the following I may be talking myself into a job, and hoping that I am not over stepping any bounds several questions should be answered before approaching a school about holding a class in their facility.

Estimate of how many people would like to take the class

Any comments? Maybe a separate thread on education is in order?
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