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Last Day

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of the C&R Season that Never Was on the Sky, Stilly, and Sauk.

Here's to all the Steelhead I didn't catch - hope you all find great spawning gravel and spawn like piscatorial rabbits!

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Congrats on completing the season of abstinence. For once, I had a reason not to wish I was back in the PNW in spring. Strike that, I would have been on the Columbia tribs and Peninsula. ;D

I'm sure there was a lot of procreation in the headwaters and I'd wager that if all the other cosmic alignments fall in place there will be a corresponding Cascade howzer year in the cards ahead.

Now how 'bout that first hardbody summer run - you know the kind that have spent zero effort on egg or milt production, the kind you can barely tell apart from hen to buck because the hens are so stout and the bucks are so fresh? The kind that prove without any doubt that the steelhead is among the toughest, most acrobatic, and beautiful fish in the universe?
Thirty-two days until river open.
Minutes, hours, seconds? ;D
i cant believe I've gone two whole months without fishing the local rivers.
2 down, 1 to go.
May is going to be one long month!!!
OK...OK... let's wait to see what happens this week when the Bosox play out there.
Sorry Guys... I got so excited about the Sox /Mariners talk that I posted on the wrong thread... I am sure you were probably wondering what my comment had to do with anything on this thread but some bizzare connection to what the subject matter is.
No sweat John! M's are on a tear, and Bosox are on top of the AL east. Should be a great series.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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