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Last day of tribal netting on coastal Olympic Peninsula rivers

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According to the schedule posted by the state of Washington, yesterday was the last day of Quillayute netting...

Fall steelhead fishing on the upper rivers should be promising, always an incredible place to fish either way. Can't wait!
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Gad! I remember the "pre-Bolt" days. 20,000 steelhead on punch cards, then to 1900 (no mis-print). Even if a lot of folks were less than truthfull the run was cut by at least 80% in one season. And it still goes on.

Some Tribes seem to do a very good job of 'policing' their members but suspect most don't ... 'usual and accustom,' etc. Most of us back then were of a mind that the Tribes could take as many fish as they needed for food and for 'religious purposes' ..... but 19000 fish from just one river?

Most went East in refer trucks and were marketed as "summer salmon." Several stores down here do sell 'fish farm' steelhead but all have the good Grace not to advertise the product in their Thursday adds. Pointed out to one store manager what the legal ramifications were to both of us if I walked in and offered to sell-he purchased one I'd caught. He blanched; no more Albertson's adds.
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