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Knot tying Practice

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Last night I attended the weekly fly tying session at First Light Anglers. This session was a break from tying flies to learning or refreashing the attendees on the various knots that are part of our sport. The Clinch knot all the way to the Bimini and the various ways to attatch backing to fly line, fly line to butt ,and butt to leader to tippet. My think is and how would this sit with all the attendees of our up coming Casting clave to have simmilar knot tying practice so that we can share some of our techiques with each other. I know that for me last nights session was a great learning experience on Knots I usually do not tie, like the polimar and Bimini. Learning the Bimini was the best thing I got out of it, since the diagrams I have tried in the past just don't give you the key to doing it right. Any thoughts. We could do this during breaks from casting.
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Sounds like a great idea for a sidebar activity. Back in the old country I won a few bets with the Bimmini twist. Most of the freshwater anglers I knew had never heard of it. They all believed that a knot which would test at a higher breaking strain than the line did not exist. Oh what fun watching the disbelief on peoples faces when handed a 21 turn bimmini in 4lb test which, however hard they tried, simply refused to break at the knot!
You've got that right. I think it can be very productive for everyone as a side bar as you suggest. I can't wait to see the guys attatching one end of the Bimini to doorknobs, Knees, other arms etc, inorder to get the overtie on the first set of twists... then tieing the second bimini on the same line.. I am joking, but after a session like this as a side bar, everyone should walk out knowing how to tie the knots and knowing the names that go with them by heart.
I have four tables that would serve prefectly for this purpose. I'll bring them along.

Great idea!
Here is a link to some animated knots. The bimini is not done but some other popular knots are made easily. Http://
Thanks Pete, just checked out the site. Those animations are great, I just spent a good long time mesmerized by them
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