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Kick-off Report for Chatham, Southeast Cape, Flats, Marsh, Beachs, Blues, Stripers and stuff

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Kick-off Report for Chatham, Southeast Cape, Flats, Marsh, Beachs, Blues, Stripers and stuff

As I pulled anchor, I sadly realized this would be my last trip of the season on the Salmon River. Visions of Steelhead catapulting like a rocket ship skyward, somersaulting like a juggler's baton, then tail -walking all the way to the lake filled my memories. The sound of rods exploding as a mighty King Salmon makes another freight train run. Trying to harness the raw power of a 12 lb. Coho Salmon running in 20 different directions in a blink of an eye. Keeping us on our toes (and hopefully not on our back!)

The best memories of all are the ones spent with folks like you! The highlight of each and everyday has always been the camaraderie we share. See you in the fall, Randy

Southeast Cape Wade Inshore Saltwater Fly Fishing Report
(Marsh, Beach, Islands, Flats, Tidal Rivers)

The following fishing reports will consist of Inshore Saltwater (Fly) Fishing. It will include Tips, Techniques, Habitat, Presentation, Baitology, Flies-Hooks, Moon Fazes, Flats, and even some highlights from last year's fishing reports. Some of which are pretty exciting.

Some of the material will come straight from my past experience as chief instructor of the Orvis 2 ½ day saltwater fly fishing schools. Additional material will come from first hand knowledge, gained from my many years of eating, breathing, living and loving the, New England - Cape Cod Inshore Saltwater environment. So, sit back, relax and enjoy this Truly World Class Destination Fishery!

Through these Guides Eyes

Well, here we go again. The following fishing reports will be concerning mostly the Chatham area. For any of you who are unfamiliar with Chatham, it is a small quaint drinking village with a fishing problem. The tunnel leading to the Cape is finished and the bridge to P-Town is almost done.

MA. Regs have changed for Striped Bass, 1 fish per day, 28 inch's or better.

For the next 2, 3 weeks expect 500- 2000 stripers per day migrating along the outer Cape beaches with-in casting range. Expect there size to increase every few days until most will be in the 30 inch and above range mixed in with Blues. If sunny, sight fishing for them as they cruise along the beach in schools of 50-100 (Average) within 30 feet of the shoreline will be an optional treat. Expect blues to be mixed in, starting next week. For the Blues I enjoy working a surface popper.
Most of these outer beach Bass cruisers do not like surface poppers or gurglers. Instead keep your fly sub-surface with any type of line. What I find to be the most visually exciting is to fish a big fly on a floating line. Watching them break from the school to chase your fly to the surface with reckless abandonment, inhaling it with eagerness as if it was there last meal.

Brewster Flats, Pleasant Bay and South Cape are with fresh fish. Mostly schoolies with a few keeper's thrown in.
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