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Kennbec River Turning on

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My boy and I went scouting this evening up in Winslow at the Fort Halifax Park. A wicked blue winged olive hatch going on had the alewives popping after them. Flows were down as FPL wasn't releasing tonight. The river is so thick with alewives that you could almost walk across the river on their backs. I hooked and landed about a dozen in an hour or so. Pre-released another six or so. Ian caught one from shore christening his new light spinning rig with a nice schoolie.
The cows haven't moved in as far as I can tell but they aren't far behind when things start to turn on. The ones I released were schoolies between 12 and 20 inches. Didn't cast more than five or six times without a strike and when a pod cruised through it was nearly every cast.
I have next week off and will be scouting Popham and also putting in some more time at the Waterville / Winslow area. I suspect the cows will be in if the warm weather holds.
I'll keep you posted.
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Chris, I think his name is Dave and he was with Mattb. Don't know his last name.
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