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Just about a done deal!

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Just about final - got the green light from work for a few days off. Still finalizing the plans, but it looks like spring steel is in my future! Shooting for March 30 - Apr 5th. Hope I can meet up with all you guys!

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Great! Hope to see you. Having a really good spring out here.

You know what would be good-- I'd like you to meet others of the HookNose Society, if I can set that up. Meanwhile, spring chinook and spring steelhead are in the Kalama and water conditions have been favorable.

Petri heil,

> Kalama

Just love the Kalama. Pyramid Hefferweissen and spring steelhead on the same stream!

Anything happenin' on the East Fork of the Lewis?

It would be my pleasure to meet the Hooknose Society. Any chance they will be coming to Sekiu or Neah Bay in the fall?

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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