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Juro Fly Swap

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I have had my flies tied for the swap for like two weeks but have forgot to ask for your address is it too late to get them too you? If not it is 6 for the swap part correct? What is your address if it isn't too late?

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Hi Jeff - nope, not too late at all. I figure tax day, not like we all don't have anything to do between now and then but...

Please send them to:

Flyfishing Forum
PO Box 58
Groton MA 01450

Look forward to seein' them!
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Hand off sounds good, that will also make sure we hook up while you're in town this time! Looking forward to it
Phil -

Haven't received them as of Friday AM... did you send them to the PO Box?

I will check to see if they are holding it in the back, I did not receive a ticket which indicates they are.

It could be due to the international mail systems... although flies from Canada from Tyler, Dana, etc - have arrived.

Let's wait and see until tomorrow, we have a snow emergency and I was unable to stop at the post office due to a very long commute to my day job and a tight schedule for morning meetings.

Hang in there buddy!
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Received some tube flies from Andre today... certain to bring out the beast in big nates. Andre, I wouldn't doubt if the maid at the Westin did launch a steelheading career based on these flies!

Still waiting on a few more swappers but will get all these great looking patterns scanned and up on the site over the next week or two. I'll get Bill's Friday, Brians' are "in the mail", etc. I'll go check the roster to make sure I didn't leave anyone out.

Look for some images soon,

Andre, et. al. -

Once I get all the flies photographed and scanned I will send you an email with a 'cut and paste' text line that you can paste into the fly patterns archive. Just type in your recipe under the picture, that way you can modify it over time, people can ask questions, etc.

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