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Hey John or Juro:

I prepaid for the rip trip with my credit card? An e-mail I got from Juro had me marked a still needing to pay at the causeway. Did you guys get the money from the credit card or not? I need to know, so I can make sure I bring enough cash. I tried e-mailing Juro, but haven't heard anything yet.


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My mistake, don't worry about it. If anyone else got an email in error pls just tell the one taking the head count and we'll be all set.

The price of getting things square at home before this weekend is heavy. I'll have to drive down with enough time to assemble bunk beds at the cottage before meeting Bob in the morning. So much for sleep and I am trashed after a long night last night at the office.

Man she drives a hard bargain with a guy tryin' to get a little fishing time in ;-)
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